Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Visit to North-East Italy 2016

This year, I planned to check out another item from my to-see list: Venice. I started looking for flights, and found cheap flights from nearby airports. However, as usual, getting to a Ryan Air airport is itself time and cost consuming. Another option that I considered was trains. German trains are fast and efficient, through not as luxurious as Italian ones, etc. I considered the option of taking a night train to Venice and coming back on a day train to see the landscape. Finally I opted for this option, however, failed to get a booking on night couch, and instead got a seat reservation only.

The train journey started at 6 pm. The first train to Munich was a nice train. We had a stopover in Munich for one hour. Due to recent terrorism events in Munich, we didn't wander too far from train station, but managed to find a Pakistani restaurant in a basement. We ordered one chicken qourma, roti and lassi. The chicken qourma was sweet, really. The bill was too much. Then we got on the night train. The train was cozy. We were two friends who bought their tickets at different times, so got different seats. We asked the lady at the counter at the time of buying the 2nd ticket to combine our seats, but she said not possible, even without looking at the booking plan. . .