Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Hi tea at Spice Bazaar - a journey full of spices

Today I went for hi tea at Spice Bazaar restaurant next to M.M.Alam road. We were seated outside as requested, next to a three level waterfall and greenery. It was a courtyard in the middle of a U-shaped building with a very neat countryside look. We went to the food area which was empty, so we took time in looking through the dishes and pouring them. When I reached the end and glanced back, the food area was full of people. So I guess we were the first to start.

The food selection was mostly dry. It started with 5-6 salads (but no potato-cream or cabbage-cream salads, my favorites). Behind them were servers for dahi bhalla and go gappey. Next was an unusual thing: pickle vegetables in vinegar, which reminded me of Muslims in Germany. Then the dishes started with fish kebab, honey wings, small chapli kebab, fried fish, one Chinese dish+rice, chicken malai boti,  vegetable and white pasta, somosa+channay (an odd item), pizza and the highlight: Haleem (spelled Daleem). We were greeted on our table with pina colada.

Sweets included gulb jamun, trifle, pastries etc but excluded jelly, really!!!

Except the missing jelly, there was nothing negative and the environment was super peaceful, even for a buffet.

Comparison: both village and ziafat are cheaper and have much more variety. But this food was a little more tasty and the best thing was the outside aura.