Thursday, February 24, 2005

Fahrkarte bitte! (Ticket please!)

Today when we were going to our language institute in the morning, the ticket-checker came. Its a usual thing for them to check tickets. I put my hand in my pocket and received a shock!!! I had no ticket. I had forgotten my ticket at home. Fine for travelling without a ticket is 40 euros, which is very much. Now i was thinking of what to do or say. The ticket-checker was getting nearer to me and my stop was after 5 min.

The ticket-checker came to my seat and asked us for tickets. People started showing their tickets. Fortunately (for me :) the person sitting opposite me had no ticket. So he started explaining his reason for no ticket. The ticket-checker did or didn't believe him (they were speaking in German :) So the gaurd gave him a challan. I prayed to Allah. There were still 2 min till my station.

The gaurd started advising him about different ticket offers that they give. They talked and talked until my station came. I got off the train and thanked Allah. It was unbelievable as it usually doesn't happen. Normally, they just give the challan and move on.

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Anonymous said...

be careful next time