Tuesday, September 20, 2005

German Elections

Germany had elections this weekend, or at least they say they had. It was very peaceful; too peaceful. We forgot on Sunday that today is the election. We remembered only in the evening. What kind of election was it? No police, no army, no shouting, no disorder, no fighting. They should learn from us on how to hold elections. It was a completely tasteless election, no salt or pepper. All i saw was some posters on some roads that are hanging there for weeks. The only hype was in news.

The result wasn't very good either. Nobody won! We had been hearing that CDU (the opposition) will win, but they didn't. They have just about 3 more seats than SPD (Schroder's party). The allies of both parties also couldn't get that much imbalance. So who will rule. They are talking about a coalition between CDU and SPD, what???!!! The current government and opposition forming together the new government!! who will sit in the opposition? Anyways, they have a few weeks to form the government, otherwise there will be a new election.


Saad Sheikh said...

it seems u miss chaos in Germany :P
Koi masla nahin, lahore ka chakkar lagega to theek ho jaenge

Hamza Rana said...

Whats the fun without hangama arayee :)

Yasir Niaz said...

yes you are right. Sometimes it gets too boring. But there is no fun if ppl get killed in elections. That doesn't happen here. And also no riggin. All other fun is nice to have.