Tuesday, November 15, 2005

This week

This weekend i finally decided to try making "ghulab jamun", another South-Asian sweet dish. I got the flour mixture from a Bangali shop and started preparing it using milk. Since i have never worked with any flour before, the mixture turned out to be out of my control. It became too thin to make into small balls. Finally a friend took over and mixed wheat flour to it to thicken it. He then made some balls our of it. After frying them, i put them in the sugar syrup and after a few hours, they became tender. They tasted great, just like the ones i ate in Pakistan. But it surely was a lot of effort. So, i think, next time i'll try something easy, say "jalebi".

The president of Pakistan thanked the World for their help in relief efforts in the quake striken areas. Asian Development Bank and World Bank jointly said that $5 billion are needed in the area, of which only half have been pledged so far. There is need for more. The death toll is more than 73,000 in Pakistan with 1,200 deaths in Indian-controlled Kashmir. 2.8 million people were left without shelter. The Pakistanis have distributed 350,000 tents, 3.2 million blankets, and 3,000 tons of medicine, and established tent villages for displaced people. (CNN)


Yas said...

You made Ghulab Jamun? That must've been tough. I can hardly cook rotees. I do them out of shape.

waqas said...

bayCHaray Gulab Jamun

Yasir Niaz said...

Hey, thats not fair.