Thursday, February 16, 2006

Many faces of India

When i came to Germany i discovered an astonishing fact: India doesn't have a national language!! People in South India can't speak Hindi. Then how do they communicate with the North? They use English. Thats strange as it sounds. So, now whenever we meet an Indian, we ask him whether he can speak Hindi. However, Muslims in South India can speak Urdu. But most of them cannot read it since it has an arabic script.

Whenever we speak Urdu with Indians, they speak pure Urdu and don't use words of Hindi (Sansikrat). Thats strange as well. Because when we hear Indian poiticians in news or when we hear Indian news channels, then tend to use at least some Sansikrat words. But Indian students here don't. I don't know whether they do it for us or is it their normal way of speaking.


indscribe said...

Yasir bhai, In South India many youths are no longer familiar with Urdu that's correct. But this true about upper class that migrates. The majority of Muslims belong to middle class, lower middle class and for them Urdu remains their mother tongue.

indscribe said...

Hindustan mein hindustani chalti hai.....that is Urdu named as Hindi. But government media uses the Sanskritised Hindi and it is used in official work also so politicians etc become used to it. Normal Indians, Hindus, speak the language which you may find in Mumbai films. Basically the language of Oudh (around Lucknow) is the ideal one everybody wants to speak. These days the Sanskritised Hindi is less in use and people are back to Urdu/Hindustani.

Yasir Niaz said...

Very informative - an inside view. Thanks.