Friday, March 10, 2006

Tales of Tokyo, Japan

Recently one of my friends visited Japan for a project meeting. What he told on his return was quite interesting as well as surprising. His plane landed at Tokyo international airport which is one and a half hour away from the city. A very fast shuttle train takes people nonstop to Tokyo city. There are not many sky-scrapers, may be because of the earth quakes. There was only one high-rise building in the city. Traffic drives on the left hand side, so they have the same cars as in Pakistan, not like European cars. Power lines run above ground near the buildings just like in Pakistan.

The restaurants seated guests in the traditional Japanese way by putting the table on the carpeted floor. So guests sat on the floor with their legs in the small digging beside the table. This digging i had never heard before of. Almost all of the dishes served contained sea-food - mostly uncooked. So my friend enjoyed different types of "sushi" with raw fish using sticks instead of cutlery. In the toilets they have electronic toilet-seats which fire a jet of water at your body for cleaning. It is turned on by a button and switches off automatically when you get up.

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Asif Shahab said...

I being the person quoted in this post, wanted to add something to it. Yeah, its true that there were no sky scrappers, but by that i meant 100 story buildings ;), obviously because of earthquakes. But every second building one will find there is as tall as 45-50 floors and the tallest building is of 54 floors (if i still remember correctly). So basically its a mesh of many tall buildings and there were so many buildings that even after walking for sometime one will find him at the very position he started. Even inhabitants of Tokyo use to carry maps to go from one place to other and on every street you will find one map indicating directions from that place. So that speaks of one of the most crowded city of the world. People are very friendly though we were not able to understand them most of the time but the gesture was good. One interesting thing i found in fast food restuarants is "LASSI" in the menu :). Yeah don't be confused like I was thinking of it as some Japanese drink but its pure desi Lassi :).