Friday, July 28, 2006

Pak India cricket in Germany

A few days back we were invited to play in a cricket match between Pakistani and Indian students in Heidelberg, Germany. This is the city where Allama Iqbal lived for some time and learned the German language. Match was played on universit's football ground with coordination from the university of Heidelberg. There was even a trophy for the winning team. Players were collected from cities around the region and most of them met for the first time to form a team. Indian players were supposed to wear white shirts and Pakistanis wore black shirts. Match started after national anthems were played. Indian captain won the toss and invited us to bat first. Our start was very bad with wickets continuously falling with less runs, After half the overs, we picked up pace and started scoring to get about 125 runs in 15 overs. At that moment it was drizzling. As soon as first half ended, it started rainging cats and dogs. We ran to find refuge in university buildings. After more than half an hour, the Indian team started batting, They kept their wickets but could only score half of the runs.

After we won, the Indian team chanted a loud, "Three cheers for Pakistan, hip hip hurray, hip hip hurray, hip hip hurray" that surprised us all. That was an sxcellent gesture shown by them even after losing from their archrivals. We couldn't help but utter that though Pakistan won the match, the Indian team won the event. Credit goes to the chief organizer, Atif, a pakistani student at Heidelberg university. See photos here.

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