Monday, August 28, 2006

Fed up with Yahoo's war with Google

I have long been a Yahoo loyal, but now i can't stand Yahoo's new moves. It has waged a war against Google in a negative way. Earlier i thought that this was just a conincident, but it happens everytime. The issue is that i am the owner and moderator of some of the groups on YahooGroups. Recently i sent some emails on these groups using my Gmail account. They were shown as delivered on the group's hamepage but they never got to the members of the group. I then re-emailed from Yahoo email and it got through. Since most of the members are subscribed to the groups through their Yahoo email accounts (as recommended by me, since it allows usage of other group features), my Gmail emails ended in their "spam" email folders, while my Yahoo emails got to their inbox. The same story has been happening since a few months now and without an exception. Yahoo email delivers my Gmail messages into "spam" folder even though i am the administrator of these groups. Has anybody else experienced the same?

I have been using Yahoo's email, web site provider (geocities), groups, photos and briefcase services. I always preferred services other than Microsoft's because of their attempted monopoly. Now Yahoo is going on the same road. Although Yahoo is among the top website visited around the world, and Yahoo provided Video search long before google did, this is a very cheap step they have taken towards monopolizing their services. I am now thinking of moving to Google groups.


stabani said...

i'm more of a google person.. don't really like yahoo that much--but I am sick of the damn war.

Hammad said...

Google didnt let me make a bold trust !!

Anonymous said...

Refresh ur blog. An event went thru. ur surroundings n there is no news from ur side....tell us something about how the different people in Germany think abt it. Professors (theologian n seculars), students, general general public (shop keepers, university staff,...? )