Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A bold step at KFC Mall Road Lahore

A guest-post from a friend (Ahsan Saleem):

Out of the blue, instead of going to relatively cheaper AFC (Mall road) I went to neighboring relatively expensive KFC. I haven't been to a KFC recently but the crispy chicken KFC ads have been tempting me for a while. With a watering mouth, and ready to go air wallet I entered KFC. Unlike its main branch (Barket market walee), the restaurant was almost empty with only a few tables filled, which I thought was an achievement of AFC. I hate rushy places so that came as a plus. The counter line was all empty and a girl with hijab was standing there.

Without wasting any time, I picked a menu and went off; I want this .. I want that upsize .. I want breast piece etc etc etc .. when suddenly the attendant at counter stopped me with a silent signal of her hand, and pointed to her ears with a negation. I was a little embarrassed or not.. I cant remember, but I surely felt surprised. I mean thats not common, I haven't seen that anywhere before. I spent some time in Beijing china some couple of years back and had developed a pretty pathetic sign language. It brought back old memories but the attendant was pretty quick and on the spot.

I started to realize that all of the walls were filled with posters teaching sign language and the menu appetizing me had sign language on it also. With in 10 minutes I was able to find a holding describing that KFC as a special branch being run by special ppl. I was happy to see someone in mainstream taking such a step. I had fun eating crispy chicken [ :) ] and practicing original and authentic sign language. Do try the KFC mall road.


Abdussamad said...

There is a branch like this in Karachi as well. It seems to have been built in response to the bombings and arson attacks targeting KFC restaurants in Karachi. Perhaps the KFC management feel that people will think twice about bombing a restaurant run by disabled people. It hasn't worked so far because the Karachi version was robbed!

Anonymous said...

I think if we see the other side, it is certainly a good opportitunity for special persons to flow in life stream by earning money in respectible way. I have heard the same news about the Karachi branch, that peoples dont like to go there. Why? because these people are slow to understand and work. What a pitty? its a shame, that we dont have little patience to accept them in such position. Amir