Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A nation respecting its teachers

During childhood I often heard the story of a policeman who stopped the traffic to let a professor cross the street. Today I saw it in Germany. I was sitting in a bus coming back from the university, when a couple of professors got out of the car parking talking to each other. They were about to cross the road but then saw the bus and stepped back. The bus-driver stopped the bus and asked them to cross the road, even though it was no zebra-crossing. Normal cars may stop for pedestrians without a zebra-crossing, but buses never stop. This was the first time I saw this.


Asim Kaleem said...

Dear Niaz

Could you please tell me that How long normally the German Diplomatic mission in Islamabad takes to issue a Study Visa. Keeping in view the present security concerns in Pakistan, do you think the process may further gets late. I have been offered a DAAD scholarship for master studies starting this year.

Yasir Niaz said...

Salam Asim, i don't know about that process. It was a long time ago that I got a visa in Pakistan. But I heard that they have speeded up issuance of family visas, so may be student visas are also quick to get. Being a DAAD scholar, you shouldn't get much problem.

Asim Kaleem said...

Ya Yasir You are right. I got the visa in a month. Now want to know some thing about frankfurt airport. I ll be landing on terminal 2 and shall have to come to terminal 1 to get train to reach weimar/erfurt. So can u guide be how to do that.

Yasir Niaz said...

Congrats Asim. Yes you have to come to terminal 1 since the train station is located underneath terminal 1. You can take either the shuttle bus or a skyline train to transfer between both terminals. Here is the website of Frankfurt airport with terminal maps:

Once in terminal 1, go down to the train station. There you can easily buy a ticket from the ticket machine or from the info stand. You can pre check train timings from the website:

Here is a blog entry describing some things about the airport: