Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nationalism in Germany

Yesterday I went to a foreign language class at the university packed with more than 50 students. The teacher required everybody to state their names and the country they come from in that language. Most of the students came from Germany so they said this. However, one of the German students said "I come from Bavaria". (Bavaria=Bayern, a Southern state in Germany). This was followed by a laughter from the class. Next time around, he stated that he came from Germany.

I heard before that people from Bayern are very proud of themselves and consider themselves to be true (or the only) Germans. I thought that was a thing of the past. But still, even the youth has that mindset. In Pakistan too, some people from some provinces think that way :)

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Anonymous said...

You misunderstood:

People from Bavaria don't believe they are the 'true Germans'.

They don't want to be Germans at all. They are Bavarians. Incidently Bavarians are also better than Germans. Because Germans, meaning from the North, are either decendants of or decendants of people conquered by, which is even worse, Prussians. Also called Sau-Preissen in Bavaria, which means Pig-Prussians.