Thursday, September 08, 2011


We are often told by our rulers that all of our problems are due to a huge population. And the worse thing is that many of us believe them, and thus their own corruption goes in the background. In fact it is their corruption that is the main problem. Let's analyze statistically what is our population situation.

Wikipedia: List of countries by population density

Pakistan has 59th largest population density in the world. There are many countries which are richer and yet have more population density. These include Germany(56), UK (53), Japan (38), Belgium (36), India (33), Israel (32), Netherlands(30), South Korea (23), Taiwan (16), Hong Kong (4), Singapore (3). Even Italy (61) and Switzerland (67) are not too far behind. So it is a myth that we are poor because we have too many people.

Lately, countries with huge populations are becoming stronger. For example, China and India are the new booming economies because of making good use of their populations. US also has a big population. Brazil is also getting stronger and opting for a permanent seat in UN SC.

Lastly, advanced economies of Europe are facing an acute shortage of young workers. Because of their decreasing population and better health system, their populations are getting old and they have to import workers. Similarly, China is also going down this path and is about to face this problem. We should use our population effectively before we also face this problem.


Mani said...

there is one problem though as it includes Balochistan which is sparsely populated. Any idea what is the density in Karachi or Punjab?

Yasir Niaz Khan said...

Yes, uneven distribution of population is also mismanagement. Govt (and ppl) should take steps to spread population. Make new unis and industry in small cities. Shift govt offices to small cities. Strengthen rail connections. Activate Gwadar, etc.

Yasir Niaz Khan said...

btw, density of Karachi is 3.7k while the density of the 50th most dense city is 17.8k:

Asim Jofa Lawn said...

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