Monday, May 02, 2005

Dr Atta ur Rehman

Today we were invited to a meeting in a city nearby to meet Dr Atta ur Rehman. All scholarship holders of our batch and the previous were invited. The meeting was in the evening but we went in the morning to see the city. We had lunch in this beautiful park in city center. In the evening we went to meeting center and met our batch-fellows from all around South-Germany. Dr Atta came on time to meeting center. They also arranged dinner for us.

Dr Atta said that they are expanding these higher education progams and sending 200 students to Germany alone next time. He said that they are building an engineering university in Pakistan with cooperation of Germany and France. He asked us to give them our preferences in our last year so they can place us in Pakistani universities when we return. We'll be hired as Assistant Professors. He added that in future, all faculty in Pakistani universities will be evaluated evey three years by international evaluation organization and jobs and promotions will be decided on this evaluation. This evaluation will consider the work they have done since last evaluation, so concept of seniority in job promotion will be eliminated. Let's hope that all this works well.


Saad Sheikh said...

yasir bhai
which public sector univ do u want to return to???? PU or UET?

Yasir Niaz said...

Earlier i wanted to join either LUMS or FAST. But now as the things are proceeding, i guess joining UET will be better since the field of Robotics requires expertise of mechanical and electrical engineers as well. But then, there can be collaboration between LUMS and UET students. So i don't know for sure. Let's see.