Saturday, April 30, 2005

Pakistani Drama and "Pakistani" trains

Today we went to see a Drama performed by Pakistanis in Urdu language. They came from Frankfurt and the drama was organized in Bonn (capital of formal West Germany). We 3 friends started our journey in the morning, visited a friend in Mainz for a few hours and then reached the drama city, only to find out that the tickets were all sold out. We told them that we have come from far away and they permitted us entry (free) advising that we may have to sit on the stairs. The hall was filled with audience and people were now starting to sit on stairs. When the stairs filled, some people had to stand there. Drama was a comedy highlighting problems facing a wife who came from Pakistan but didn't know German language.

We came out before the drama ended since we had to catch the train. But the train got about half an hour late. So we again remembered Pakistan :) Because of this, we couldn't get to our city before morning. In Germany, almost all trains stop for a few hours during late night (about 2-5 am). So if you don't reach your destination before this time, you have to wait a few hours at the train station. So, we went to our friend's house to spend night and came back in the morning.


waqas said...

Good to know that you are writing a blog. (Hassan told me)

I really enjoyed reading it.

Yasir Niaz said...

thanks. I enjoyed reading your first blogs.

Saad Sheikh said...

Yasir bhai, aap to baray dramay baaz niklay :P

Yasir Niaz said...

nahi yaar, drama mein ne nahi, un logon ne perform kia tha :)