Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Furnishing apartments

A couple of weeks ago we picked some things off the street. Here people put things (furniture, electronics, kitchen-ware, etc; that are no longer used by them or are too old) on streets every once a week. The next morning comes an official truck carrying this stuff away to a junkyard or so. While these things lay on streets, passer-bys take a peep and carry along anything that may be of use to them, if it is in good condition. So have we carried some things also to our apartments. This was that day that we picked a sofa and two matresses from a street in the evening. A friend had rented an unfurnished apartment so we thought these things might come in handy for him. A little farther and he realized that he didn't need this stuff. So we left the sofa there. Some other friends had taken the matresses to our building so we rushed to them and asked them to leave these as well. We layed them against the wall of the building next to our's, but an old man shouted something from the top. We picked the matresses again and put them in front of our building so that they could be picked up by official trucks the next morning.

The next day some of us saw these things still lying where we left them. Why weren't they taken away? Later that day, our hostel incharge caught one of us and inquired him about the furniture. He then told him that there are specific days designated for specific areas of the city for this activity. And it was not the day for our area. Our neighbour must have told our hostel manager about the whole incident and our outlook. So we removed the stuff and put it in our apartments, waiting for our turn to throw it out.


Anonymous said...

ap ki aik iman-afroz tasweer Masroor bhai kai paas daikh ker bai-sakhtaa merai dil main khiyal ubhraa ;):

Sidharain Sheikh(Masroor) Ka'abai ko, ham(Yasir) Inglistan daikhain gain
woh daikhain gai Khuda ka ghar, ham Khuda ki shaan daikhain gain

Take care,

Yasir Niaz said...

konsi tasveer??? mujhe bhi bhejo.

Anonymous said...

mujhe qaumi zuban main blog chahiyai. help me if U know any......


Yasir Niaz said...

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