Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Pros & cons of a Pakistani community

Yesterday night i attended the farewell dinner of one of our Pakistani colleagues at another colleagu's (apartment). The night before, i arranged a farewell dinner for him at my apartment. At the same time, one of us returned from Pakistan, so he received a couple of welcome dinners. This is the typical tradition here; at least in one bunch of Pakistanis. When Pakistanis arrive or leave from this city, other people arrange dinners for them in which some of us sit together and cherish the last moments or the start of a new companionship. Sometimes, another Muslim joins us (indian or arab). In case of arab, we try to have the conversation in English since many of us are still not comfortable in German language.

The reason this Pakistani is leaving is that he was not able to pass the German language requirement even after four attempts of the university German language test. He is among the three with the same fate. Now they are transferring to other universities. This requirement is not common and so far i have only heard of it in this university. They arrange mostly free language courses for international students and the students have to pass this test in at the most three semesters. It is supposed to be an easily test, but the problem with us is keeping only in our own community. We tend to make friends with Urdu or Hindi speaking people, or at the most with English-speaking. So our German doesn't get improved. Even i felt afraid after some time that i'll forget the German i learnt if i stay like this. So now i tend to make more foreigner or German friends with whom i speak German.


Anonymous said...

thats very much true.

2. Also see German movies/cinema, read German newspaper(dont study Urdu / English newspaper at all, rather always translate German headlines to Urdu n English)

3. If you have time, do try to search libraries here. I have heard that some libraries in Germany and France has a rich collection of old Islamic writings (all sorts, history, philosophy etc), even many original. Moreover, you 'll find many Orientalists' books( perhaps in German, they 'll give U a good pastime) Do share your study with me :)


Anonymous said...

Dear Friends,

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باسمہ said...

That's right, you have to read & write, listen & speak. Friends of mine are trying to teach the german language through youtube (for Urdu native speakers). Check it out if you want to learn german, they just started the course with the abc: