Thursday, November 15, 2007

First snow in Kaiserslautern

It snowed here today. Actually it snowed a little yesterday but the snow couldn't accumulate on ground. Today when we woke up in the morning and the ground was pretty much covered in snow. This was the first snow of this winter. Normally, in our area it snows for 2-3 months. But last year was an exception as it didn't really snow last year. There were snowfalls a couple of time but the snow was soon gone. So practically, there was no snow last year. This time, we have yet to see whether it really snows or not. We usually get one snowfall at the end of November and then the regular snowfall follows in the end of December or start of January. However, this time it snowed a little earlier than usual. Well, strange things are happening with the weather every year.


fereschtay said...

hey there! i came accross your blog site by accident! how are you finding living in Germany!? Do you like the natives!? be as honest as possible, please! i look forward to hearing from you!
kind regards

Yasir Niaz said...

hi, yes they are very friendly and helpful people. Usually, they don't contact you first, if you contact them first, they become very friendly. They are much reserved in general. And, of course, very disciplined :)