Monday, April 25, 2005

Arrival in Kaiserslautern (my new city)

I arrived in my new city (Kiaserslautern) at about 3 pm (1st April). I took all my luggage out of train and dragged it out of the station. I got to a taxi and was about to say something when the driver pointed forward and told me to get the first taxi in the row. So i moved to the first taxi and got to the hostel. There, when i got in, i gave a bell on the mobile of Anis (the pakistani who guided me earlier). He was in uni, so he called another guy in the hostel and that guy came to help me. That guy helped me put my luggage in my room. Then he went with me to get my electricity contract, etc. Then he took me to his room and we ate together. He made "chapatis" by hand. He was an Indian Muslim. I later learnt that he was about to eat his meal when he came to me and carried my luggage and walked with me in city.

In the evening another pakistani took me to have dinner in his room. Next morning he took me for breakfast.

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