Saturday, April 16, 2005

Collective (voluntary) Discipline

Today, while i was sitting in my room at university, a girl came in and started speaking about some glass bottle. She became faster and faster so that i couldn't understand a word. Fortunately, my room-mate understood that and went out with her. The i saw her carrying a broom-stick. When my room-mate came back, i asked him what she was saying. He said that she had broken a glass bottle somewhere and wanted to clean it up instead of leaving it there... Does it sound familiar?

Nahi bilkul nahi. Pak mein to aisa sooch bhi nahi sakta tha mein. Compare it with this. Kuch din pehlay mein aik pakistani ke saath tha. Uss ne peanuts khai aur chilkay road per pheink diay. Mein ne kaha ke burri baat hay. Laikin uss ne kaha ke hum inn ko cleaning ke bhi to paisay daitay hain. aur ye incident bhi Germany mein hoa tha. Aur hum apne deen per fakhar karte hain, laikin wo jo safai ka hukam daita hay, uss per amal nahi kartay. Pak mein bhi mere highly educated friends ye kaam kartay thay. Har chees kha kar chilkay road per pheink dena.


Anonymous said...

Good observation, But in Pakistan in Labs when we do these things we also clean it sofort.Because Glass is very dangerous and even people going on the ,when they saw that there is a glass on the road they take away from the road.
There are other many things to observe it is not so special.But i appreciate your thinking
ABdul Wakeel

Yasir Niaz said...

I agree with you. Mein pakistan ki buraian nahi karna chahta, issi liay mein ne ye blog Urdu mein likha. It's just that, hamain inn logon se acchi batain seekhni chahyain. And we all know ke Pakistan mein kia hota hay. We cannot learn if we don't accept our mistakes.