Monday, October 10, 2005

Earthquake disaster in Pakistan and Kashmir

It is a big disaster in Pakistan. The number of deaths started from 1,000 and climbed to 19,000 and now to 30,000 (CNN). Please stop counting!!! Most of the destruction was caused in areas of Kashmir offering no access to officials or agencies. 35% of affected area is unreached. Entire towns have been vanished. 2.5 million people need shelter (equals Asian Tsunami victims). 70% of Pakistani Kashmir capital Muzaffarbad is destroyed. The weather is near freezing at night. Even worse are the heavy rains in the area. God help those people.

People around the globe are helping and we as Pakistanis should be ahead of all of them. I initially found the following list of organizations to donate to.

International NGOs ==>

Islamic Relief


Kashmir International Relief Fund


Red Cross/ Red Crescent

For Germany (without credit card) ==>

Islamic Relief (Germany)

Muslime Helfen

Unicef Germany

Deutsches Rotes Kreuz (German Red Cross)

Long list of NGOs at ==>

My friends are trying to find contact of Edhi trust in Europe (their Bank IBAN number). This will also be trust worthy.


Anonymous said...

Kashmir's Muzafar-abad is almost vanished. Mansehra (NWFP) is second point facing similar problems. IBD too had a very bad picture where 1 big many-storey living building completely collapsed & rescue operation is still in process. May Allah all caught in the calamity and bless the departed ones & give us strength to help the people trapped in these areas.


asher awan said...

i see ur blog its great