Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The forgotten Earth quake in Pakistan

Although the quake is more devastating than the tsunami last year, it is off the news much faster. The event making headlines for days is not appearing any more even in the sideline news. Death count is increasing by thousands with slower official count at 53,000 (with 75,000 injured) but local death count of at least 78,000. The UN says that 800,000 people are still without shelter with fast approaching winter. A powerful aftershock killed 5 people and destroyed many houses among other buildings in Afghanistan on Sunday. It was just one of the hundreds that have followed the main tremor on 8 Oct. US is sending more choppers. India has been sending tons of aid and now thinking of agreeing to open soft border between the two Kashmirs.

Other individuals and NGOs are also working a lot to send aid. Especially individuals in different countries have flooded Pakistan Airline offices abroad with aid making it difficult for the airline to carry all of this to Pakistan. There is news that may be some other airlines have also offered free air cargo space including Gulf, Emirates and Turkish airlines (still to be verified). But other governments need to do more. The same they did for tsunami - if not more.


Anonymous said...
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Yasir Niaz said...

I think that a blog suits the condition u specify. You can put the introduction and contacts etc in the template (sidebar). Then you can write updates in notepad and copy them to the website to create a new entry.

JazakAllah for the nice work u r doing. we abroad cannot help like u; can only send money and stuff to Pak. These volunteers r the pride of our nation.

m said...

there is some updates on the situation in pak earthquake zone by a brother


Naeem Tyab said...

Emergency Relief Intervention at a glance

Projects underway in earthquake affected areas:
Earthmoving vehicles opening roads
Food distributions to people
Delivering medicines
Providing access to clean water and to sanitation facilities
Preparing to provide families with winterised shelter
Warm clothing to survivors