Tuesday, October 04, 2005

German Education System and Ramazan in Europe

I passed the exam...and with flying colors. It was an oral exam - my first such. Since there is no course fee, you can attend classes of any courses you like. But you have to register for exams to take them. One also has to give the courses one wants to be examined in each semester. The professor took my exam in English. He had problems understanding terms used in his German course and i had problem understanding the questions. He concentrated on Maths, whereas the course also included computer sciencs, mechanics and electronics. One of his researchers was sitting beside us noting down the exam for resolving of later claims by students. I got the 1.3 points (GPA system here works reversed as in Pakistan). My colleague did better getting 1.0 points.

Today starts Ramzan here in Europe. Last night some of us went to Turkish and others to Arabic mosque. We were told by Turkish that Ramazan starts tomorrow, but we received call from other friends that Arabs are starting Taraveeh. So we rushed there. Turkish are said to follow a scientific calender for Ramzan so know in future all the dates. Arabs on the other hand have a central organization for sighting the moon in Europe and has branches in different countries. The German branch of this orgnanization declared today to be the first of Ramazan. We have Iftaar in the mosque today two hours from now - yum yum...

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