Sunday, March 06, 2005

Country side

Today was Sunday - a good chance to explore and adventure. I saw schedule of a "Flohmarkt" (cheap market) and went there with my colleague. The train dropped us on a station surrounded by beautiful unutilized land. There was no body around; just buildings some distance away from us. We started walking to one side to reach a small market. We asked the location of "Flohmarkt", but they had no idea. One person then told us to go in the opposite direction some 2 kms far to some market. We found a bus stop on the road, but it was some time till the bus would come.

So we started walking. We reached the train station and continued walking; asking people on our way, but nobody knew. After a lot of walking, we felt very cold and there was no sign of such a market, so we turned back, all the way to the train station, got on the train and came back. So ended another happy adventure.

btw, sun was shinning really bright when we left home; and it was snowing heavily when we returned :)

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