Friday, March 11, 2005

Party at foreigner's house

Today, i was invited by a Japanese classmate to a party at home. Alongwith many Japanese people, two Koreanish students also came. I was glad that i am not the only one not knowing Japanese. So we talked in German. We cooked the food together. They didn't put any meat in the main dish (vegetables soup), considering i don't eat meat. Other things contained meat, even pig. They all drank but prepared tea for me and a Korean girl who also didn't drink.

After eating we sat for a few hours and discussed different topics. We asked questions about each other's country. One of the Japanese boys got their typical sticks for eating. I told them that i later want to learn how to eat with those two sticks instead of a spoon. They handed me the sticks and after a few minutes of adjusting the position of sticks in my hand i was able to eat with the sticks. They were surprised; and me too.

Earlier on my way to the party, i discovered a restaurant with Pakistani workers. There were labels "halal food" on the show-cases there. I ate a small pizza.

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