Saturday, March 19, 2005

Hajamat and Dosti Bus

Today we went to Bonn (my city's twin city) to meet a friend. We got to a barber (Turkish or Arab), whom my friend told cuts hair cheap. He was cheaper but he was very cruel with the hair. He cut many hair from me but my friend, he left him only 1 cm of hair. Cheap things really cost something else.

But more interesting is that we met Indians in the train on our way back. The journey lasted one hour. One of them sang a few songs on demand. Some read poetry. They lived in Brussels (Belgium). One of them was from Bengal. They came here on vacation. We told them about tourist places in the city and gave them information booklet. After one hour we departed. It was a good experience to run a "dosti bus" :)

btw, i guess learning German is ruining my English. I can't imagine how i taught a course at FAST-NU completely in English :)

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