Saturday, March 12, 2005

Pakistani Family

Today two of our friends (Habib and Iqrar) came from Berlin to visit us. Habib had sent some of his luggage with a Pakistani living in Cologne. That Pakistani came to main train station to receive them and invited us to his house. We went to his house in his car. They treated us very well and served a Pakistani meal. He was living in Germany for 25 years. He had five children (in Germany!!!) and had some taxies which mostly Pakistani workers drove.

We said prayers in a nearby Turkish mosque. It was a very big and very beautfiul mosque. It was decorated like a mosque in Pakistan. Washrooms and wuzzu place were excellently maintained. Then he took us in car to show around the town and meet some Pakistanis. We met with a Pakistani from Karachi. He had setup a small shelter-shop on an empty residential plot. He had all kinds of stuff in it :) He and his bro came some time ago. His bro was settled here, but he is not yet.

At night the person drove us to our house.


Basit Tanveer said...

Ahan, it means you are enjoying your stay there.

Yasir Niaz said...

yes a new experience every couple of days. Belal sb said right, phd is just a small part of what i am going to learn abroad.