Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Japan, Sushi, and I

Today i went with some Japanese friends to try out Sushui (famouse japanese fish dish). When i earlier asked them about Sushi, they said that it is made with fish and rice, but the fish is not cooked!!! More than that, they told me that Sushi in Germany is not the correct version, because in it, theyput dead fish!!! I can't think of eating this. So i asked them to find me a dish with cooked sea food.

So we went to the Japanese restaurant. A Japanese guy came to them and they ordered their dishes and found a cooked dish for me as well. First came cabbage salat. I ate it with chop-sticks (i am more talented than i thought :) Then came the dish, soup and Soya Sauce. In the dish were large pieces of rice with shrimps (cooked) in middle and around it was wrapped (green) Sea-weed. Tough! I took one piece and ate it in two parts. It tasted good, but the seaweed was hard. Then i took the second piece whole. Then the third... But the seaweed was becoming more problemetic. So with the permission of my friends, I took off the seaweed and ate the inner material; but it got messy. So the next pieces, i ate wholly. There were also two pieces with large prawns with tails. You are supposed to eat the prawn as far as you can. I left a good portion of the tail in the plate. And this all i did with chopsticks (clapping!)

I did provide much laughing stock for my Japanese friends.


Anonymous said...

How have you find the japani.
ist sie gut.

Yasir Niaz said...

nee, sie ist nicht gut. Pakistanische sind am besten!