Thursday, June 02, 2005

Cost of living in Germany

Now some information about the living expense in Germany. This might be useful for people planning to come here. I have an average lifestyle (unlike many Pakistanis living here), so my expenses can be a little higher. Below is monthly costs that i pay.

Compulsory Insurance: €58
Uni registration: €26
House rent + bills: €200-250 (many share apartment with someone cutting this price into half)
Phone: €15 - 20 (i don't call Pakistan as i do voice chat. if u call Pakistan for half hour every weekend, add €20 to it)
Uni Cafeteria: €50 (now this is what others don't do)
Food and other: no idea :) but something like €100-150
Recreational travelling: €10-20 (most of us do this)

Keep in mind that i live in a small city. Other cities may have more or less house-rent. Other universities may have more or less registration fee.


Saad Sheikh said...

looks like u r saving a ton in Germany

Yasir Niaz said...

Yes, you can save a lot if you are alone.

suleman said...

You have got excellent writting skills.
Allah karay zoray qalam aur ziyada :)

Yasir Niaz said...

Thanks. Although its nothing special, nonetheless I believe we can speak very good without using difficult words that many tend to use.