Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I did it - cycle

Today i went to the uni on my bicycle. It went good, except for the last road crossing. It was a big crossing with trucks crossing it (dont tell my mama) and i was really confused. Luckily, the signal was green and i crossed it hurridly. I hope no one got hurt behind me :) Having said that, i would really like to admire the steps the govt has taken to encourage cycling. They have separate lines and signs for bicycles on roads. They make bicycle stands on footpaths. There is always place for bicycles on trains and buses. There are free bicycle-lending services. etc.

Because of a small city, travelling with a bicycle is very pratical here. Although most of the city is on plain ground, the university is located on the hills beside the main city. So driving a bicycle to the university gives a hefty amount of exercise. But going back is more fun (although i have never travelled back on cycle, as one of the friends always takes the bike from me in Uni). I expected to see more bicycles around, but most people use buses or cars. Strange!!!

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