Friday, June 03, 2005

Lost in my city

Today morning i got on the bus going to my university. There are three Bus-stops in the uni. Three buses go towards uni. Two of them pass through all these 3 stops and the third one only passes through one stop. It is this third bus i got on. During the journey i forgot that i was on this third bus so i when the bus got to the first Uni busstop, i didn't get off and waited for the bus to go to the second Uni stop (since it is closer to my department). But the bus went another way!!!

I was surprised. It was then i remembered that i had to get off on the previous busstop. Now i waited for the bus to stop at next busstop (where-ever it was) and walk back to the Uni. But it showed no sign of stopping. It just went on and on until it got out of the city. It was travelling through the forest on the hills surrounding the city. After some time, it stopped. I got off. . . and there i was with no civilization but forest around.

I saw the time table and fortunately a bus was comming from opposite direction in half hour. I waited; and then got on the cliff and wandered in the forest a little to cut the wait; and took pictures. Finally the bus came, which seemed like the best thing that day.

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Saad Sheikh said...

happens to every 1.
The interesting part is the delay always costs the person an hour or so.