Sunday, June 12, 2005

Left or Right?

Today was my frist day driving a bicycle on the roads of Germany. German roads are filled with road signs, especially at crossings. This signs are very useful and even control traffic on crossings that have no signal. But so many can be confusing at the start. This is what happened to me. At every crossing i had to think about the road-signs that i saw and manipulate my actions accordingly. They have specific signs on crossings to indicate traffic coming from which direction has the priority to pass first. They also have many one-ways near the heart of the city, so we have to take diversions as well.

But the toughest thing was to keep on the right side. Every time i turned on a crossing, i had the urge to start driving on the left side of the road, but then i would remember that i have to travel on the right side (contrary to Pakistan). Thank God i didn't make any big mistake. I reached safe and sound on my destination and back. But it was a Sunday (low traffic), i have to do this again on a week-day!!!


Saad Sheikh said...

ur experience sounds much better than mine

I rode my bike for several hours, got lost, got late for the bike return time. When I got back to my hotel I could barely lie down due to pain in legs.

BUT! I saw Potsdam! It was well worth the pain.

Striver said...

Nice to see a blog by a muslim.