Wednesday, June 29, 2005

German Hair cut & Pizza

Today, i decided to finally get a hair-cut. I went to a big German shop. After waiting for one hour, a mid-aged lady started on me. She first washed my hair and then started cutting them. When asked for lenght, i told her to cut the hair very small. Towards the end of cutting, she was asking: ok? ok? Although the hair looked a little shorter than i wanted, i thought it would be a new experience, and said yes to let her do what she did. In this sequence of OKs, she asked me: "gel?" (read "g" as in girl). I realized after saying yes that i don't know this word. She put some lotion on my hair. So when she finished i looked in the mirror and i looked no longer like myself. She had produced spikes on my head, like a steep mountain starting from my forehead and extending backwards. This was too radical a change. Nevertheless, a new experience.

In the evening, my research group watched the movie "I, Robot" together on the projector. We ordered pizzas. I ordered a fish-pizza. Instead, perhaps due to misunderstanding, i had a pizza with sea-shells in it. I hardly ate a little more than half of it. After the movie, everybody worked together to wash the cutlery, dry it and put it back in the cupboards. The movie was really interesting. It had rained in the evening and i took my first journey back home on bicycle at night.

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Saad Sheikh said...

I was better off than you!!
I got real good fish pizza from pizza hut. :P